It’s efficient to have each of your devices charged all at once, including your back up power. Discover how pass-through charging can charge everything with fewer outlets.

One of the enormous benefits of incorporating a portable power source into your workflow is that it allows you to plan for any situation. It helps you strategically map out how to keep your devices running while away from grid power. That isn’t always an easy task. Sometimes you find yourself racing against the clock to get the power you need for the job, and any advantage can make a difference.

For a better idea of features to consider when shopping for professional-grade power solutions, take a look at this comprehensive guide to choosing portable power packs.

Power bank pass-through charging is a desirable feature that lets your power bank charge while also charging its connected devices. This function can help you speed up your workflow and achieve more efficiency if used correctly and sparingly.

This post will get you started on utilizing this sought-after feature so you can keep your critical devices, favorite accessories, and power bank ready for action when your grid energy source is limited or unreliable.

Read on to get the lowdown on pass-through charging.

What Is Pass-through Charging?

A pass-through battery pack can receive a charge while it charges other devices connected to it. Contrary to what you may have been told, the charging of the power bank and its connected devices cannot occur simultaneously. The pass-through battery pack cannot physically receive current and deliver a charge at the same time. This is true because the current in a battery can only flow one way at a time.

So, if that is the case, how is pass-through charging even possible?

A pass-through battery pack utilizes circuitry to accomplish a time-sharing charging arrangement. First, the pass-through circuitry in the portable power supply detects how much charge is present in the output device. If it is drained or near empty, it will not be able to deliver any current until it builds up power.

A battery pack with pass-through charging also contains circuitry to gauge the battery capacity and current charge levels of any devices drawing from it. As the portable power bank’s batteries charge, a threshold limit triggers the pass-through feature. Then the output device stops receiving power from the wall outlet and starts acting as a power supply to any connected devices.

When the power bank’s pass-through circuitry detects that it is connected to multiple devices, it evaluates each device. Then it determines when and how much power to deliver to each device for maximum charging efficiency.

The Benefit of Pass-through Accessories

Pass-through is a sought-after feature on power banks because it helps streamline the work of keeping devices ready for service in the field. When the rechargeable batteries for your equipment are topped off along with your power supply, you can confidently plan to spend time away from an outlet.

1. Conveniently Charge Devices at the Same Time

The days of having to carry multiple wall adapters—one for your mobile device, one for your laptop, and one for your camera, for example—are fading rapidly. With high-capacity battery packs paired with pass-through technology, you can power up the rechargeable batteries on your smartphone and laptop concurrently.

Free up some precious time for preparing to be without power by letting the pass-through power bank charge each device. Digital control ensures that the lithium-ion batteries are replenished in the most efficient sequence and that your portable power supply charges up along with them.

2. Use Only One Wall Outlet

A pass-through power bank can be a lifesaver when wall outlets are in short supply. If your power bank has enough capacity, you can use it to power delivery options like a USB-C hub. These devices allow you to plug several USB-C connectors into the same power source. This can be helpful when you need to get multiple mobile devices recharged as quickly as possible with a portable charger.

For more power-hungry equipment like laptops, you can route USB power delivery from a pass-through battery supply as long it has enough capacity. You can do everything you need with the proper setup from a single wall outlet.

This reduces the stress of figuring out how to get everything ready when you have to charge devices one at a time. You can relax knowing that everything will get recharged in the same time frame without your intervention.

Cons of Pass-through Battery Banks

The pass-through features on most portable chargers have a few drawbacks. You will have to prioritize which devices need to be charged first and how quickly you need your portable supply recharged so you can function in a remote environment. You will also have to consider your immediate needs for charged devices and weigh them against the longevity of your power bank.

1. Slower Charge Time

When you divide the current from the wall outlet to charge the power bank and devices connected, the overall charge time increases. The pass-through charging bank charges itself, then the devices, in a split arrangement based on the most efficient sequence possible. However, the total time to recharge everything together increases significantly.

2. Damages Battery Cells

The continuous changing of current direction required to charge the battery pack and the connected devices takes a toll on battery cells. Using the pass-through feature regularly will shorten the lifespan of even the most durable power bank. To increase your power life, consider using the pass-through feature only when necessary.

Compare Power Banks To Fit Your Charging Preferences

Omnicharge has raised the bar on professional-grade portable power solutions. The Omnicharge line incorporates the best pass-through technology to maximize your freedom. So get powered up with the perfect solution for your remote power needs.

Omnicharge provides an all-in-one solution to charge laptops, drones, cameras, and phones from a single wall outlet. Get all the power you need, where and when you need it, without jumping through hoops. Browse our professional product line to find the right power solution for your needs.

By Omni Team


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